Swimming Jet Stream

Swim Jet Current System

A swimming jet stream, also known as a swim jet or swim current system, is a device or system designed to create a continuous and adjustable current in a swimming pool.

This current allows swimmers to swim in place or practice their swimming strokes without actually moving forward in the pool.

Swim jet systems typically consist of a pump that generates the water current and a series of adjustable nozzles or jets that release the water into the pool. The speed and strength of the current can be controlled to suit the user’s preferences and requirements. 

Further information

Swim jet streams are commonly used for various purposes, including:

Swim Training: Swim jet streams are popular among competitive swimmers and triathletes who want to improve their stroke technique, endurance, and overall swimming skills. They can swim against the current, simulating the experience of swimming in open water or a flowing river.

Fitness: Swim jet streams provide an excellent low-impact cardiovascular workout. People can use them for aerobic exercise, water jogging, or simply to stay active and fit without putting excessive strain on joints.

Rehabilitation: Swim jets are often used in physical therapy and rehabilitation programs to aid in the recovery of individuals with mobility or joint issues. The resistance of the current can be adjusted to accommodate different levels of strength and ability.

Recreational Use: Some people install swim jet systems in their pools for leisure and relaxation. It can be enjoyable to float or tread water against a gentle current.

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