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Over time pools can begin to look a bit tired. Cracks can appear, grouting can fall out or tiles come  away from the walls. Even the pool surround can need some attention, developing cracks, loose slabs or just look a bit dated. If your pool looks in need of a makeover we can take care of that for you. You may want to completely retile it or install a liner to give it a more modern look or solve a leak problem. You can even go for something completely different and opt for a natural stone look. Pool surrounds can be  completely replaced with a choice of finishes including terracotta tiles or marmolina. Swimming pools can develop that unsightly ‘tide mark’ along the water line. Sometimes this can be hard to remove using chemicals and scrubbing. Often the best solution is to completely replace it with a new border. This can be done by removing the existing tiles or even tile on top of tile. You can choose from a single colour border or patterned, such as the ‘Greek key design.’
So if you want a pool repair or a whole new look, Marbella Pools can help you find the right solution. We can even make structural changes to pool. If access to the water is a problem a set of steps, ladders or a hand rail can make life easier. Sometimes a pool can be too deep, especially for younger or inexperienced swimmers. We can raise the floor of the pool to give you the exact depth that you feel comfortable with.

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