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In the swimming season warm water temperatures and heavy bather load can cause the pool chemical levels to change rapidly. Maintaining the correct chlorine and pH levels in your pool is vital for safe and clean water. Too much chlorine can result in skin and eye irritation and even breathing problems. Too low and the pool water won’t be sterile increasing the risk of algae and bacteria forming, and the pool becoming cloudy or green. Badly balanced water chemistry can also be corrosive, reducing the life of pool equipment and grouting. Either way your pool would soon become unusable.

Marbella Pools offer a range of systems designed to monitor and control the chlorine and pH levels of your pool water and take the guess work out of balancing the chemical levels.


With an automatic salt chlorination and pH system you will no longer have to buy and handle unpleasant chemicals to keep your pool’s chlorine levels right, simply add salt directly into the pool water.

As pool water passes through a cell electrolysis converts the salt into chlorine which destroys bacteria and algae keeping the water disinfected. Whenever your pool pump is on the salt chlorinator gets to work, even when you are away from home! To get the most from your salt chlorinator an automatic pH system can be easily added which will automatically monitor and adjust any changes in the water’s pH level. The system ensures a constant level of chlorine in your pool, putting an end to strong chemical smells, red eyes and dry skin. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of crystal  clear water that feels soft and silky on your skin.


An alternative to a salt system is an automatic chlorine and pH dosing system. This also uses a sensor to monitor the chemical levels in your pool water, automatically injecting  the correct dose of chlorine or pH minus liquid, whenever needed.

Spanish swimming pool regulations don’t allow chlorine to be manually added to community pools, for the safety of pool users. That means that they can’t use the old fashioned method of using chlorine tablets or granules . It is vital that the chemical levels are kept at the perfect level to comply with these rules. An automatic chlorine and pH dosing system is the ideal method to keep the water perfectly balanced.

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